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Sustainable Supply of Resources, Energy, Materials, Food and Products

Mitsui has built optimal supply chains, spanning all stages from upstream to downstream, including procurement, production and logistics etc., and contributes to the sustainable supply of metals, chemicals, energy, food and other resources, raw materials, and manufactured products. In our food business, we pursue our goal of enhancing nutritional access through the stable supply of food. One of such initiatives is our shrimp farming and processing business in Vietnam.

Supplying Food and Products with Ensured Safety and Security

Mitsui is well aware that consumer safety, confidence and security are of major importance in conducting its business. In the foods area, we developed a food-safety database which includes information related to overseas production processes, to ensure that maximum priority is placed on food safety and security. We also carry out regular food safety and security education for Mitsui & Co. group Employees.

Enhancement of Quality of Life and Social Infrastructure

Mitsui continues to contribute to the enhancement of people’s quality of life through its business activities in such areas as electric power, water treatment, water supply and sewerage systems, logistics, railroads, and communications, by developing infrastructure that is essential for the growth and advancement of countries around the world and of local communities. For example, we are promoting a cooling and power distribution business in Thailand to contribute to the betterment of living standards.

Healthcare and Aging Society

Mitsui will continue to work toward the creation of a society in which people can run healthier and richer lives by contributing to the advancement of healthcare in terms of access, quality, and efficiency through our business activities. We are promoting various initiatives through establishment of a healthcare fund to close the supply-demand gap and to improve healthcare access through the drag manufacturing, sales and distribution etc.

Increasingly Diverse Consumer Demand

Mitsui believes that one of our important roles is to quickly identify diversifying consumer needs and continue to provide value and functions. We will continue to contribute to the creation of a society in which people can enjoy fulfilling lives by providing new retail business that enables monitoring and analysis of vast resources of viewer data and provision of cutting-edge data marketing functions using consumer data.

Respect for Human Rights

In August 2020, we formulated a Human Rights Policy to clarify our approach to human rights as the basis for initiatives in this area. In accordance with the Human Rights Policy, the Mitsui & Co. group will respect human rights in its activities as a group. We also aim to promote respect for human rights in collaboration with our business partners. Mitsui commenced due diligence with regard to human rights in the supply chains of products handled by Mitsui and its overseas trading affiliates, as well as the main business operations of its consolidated subsidiaries. We conducted human rights risk assessments on this basis, compiled an outline of human rights risks, and formulated measures to mitigate these risks. Mitsui will work with suppliers to ensure an understanding of respect for human rights and promote human rights practices throughout its supply chains.

The UK Modern Slavery Act

We have published an Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement in response to section 54 of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

We are working to ensure compliance with and implementation based on Sustainable Supply Chain Policy.

Supplier On-Site Surveys

Mitsui and a third-party expert jointly conducted on-site surveys at the suit factory of MAY10 Joint Stock Company and the sewing factory of Viet Thinh Garment Joint Stock Co. in Vietnam.

Creating New Value

Creating New Value

While our functions and roles as a general trading company have often centered on the creation of value through “connecting” companies, products, and other elements in the past, we have determined to evolve beyond that pattern into a company that proactively “creates” business. Mitsui will accelerate DX as both defensive and offensive strategy, and advance our business models for the digital economy.

Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management

With the aim of training people who create and grow business that contributes to society and are capable of global group management, Mitsui has developed a variety of human resources development programs and established promotion and assignment systems that help employees to grow through opportunities for wide-ranging experiences. Also we aim to strengthen the competitiveness of the entire company by promoting diversity management to create environments where individual employees with a diverse range of backgrounds can fully exert their potential and continue working in safety and good health.

Social Contribution Activities

Social Contribution Activities

On our social contribution activities, we have set out the "community contribution", "environmental conservation" and "human resources development" as our priority areas, in accordance with our MVV (Mission, Vision, Values) and Materiality. Mitsui will continue to pursue sustainable growth striving to solve social challenges through both business and social contribution activities.